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Zahoor Ahmad

Assistant Professor




He has experience of over 20 years in the field of teaching at F.Sc, B.Sc, BS and M.Sc. level. He has an M.Phil degree in Statistics and also an MCS degree.
He has taught courses like
Inferential Statistics to BBA at IIU, Islamabad,
Programming Language-I and II to MSc (Math) at IIU, Islamabad
Data Analysis to M.Sc (Statistics) at IIU, Islamabad
Probability and Statistics to BS(Aero Space)at IST, Islamabad,
Probability Methods in Engineering to BS (Material Engg).
and many more..
His students succeed in good grades. His teaching is the guarantee of sucess with good marks in examination.

Name: Zahoor Ahmad
Age: 52 Years
Qualification: MS/MPhil Statistics, MCS
Experience: 22 Years
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Maried



Teaching Subjects

Mathematics - F.A./F.Sc.

Statistics - Any Level

C/C++ - ICS

C/C++ - M.A./M.Sc.

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Rashida Yaqoob (2020-09-13)

Sir I am your student of M.Sc. Your taught us the subject of Programming with C++. I really appreciate your teaching style. You do not do spoon feeding but try to get our potential out. Thanks again.

sana rukhsar (2019-06-13)

I am facing problem in studying your subject please let me know your fee?

Manzoor Ahmad (2019-06-10)

aiou tutor online registration

Bilawal (2019-06-08)


Bilawal (2019-06-08)


Majida Bibi (2019-03-23)

Sir do you available to teach me Probability and Statistics at DHA? If possible please let me know your timing and fee.

Sadia Raja (2018-11-01)

I have studied Math and Computer Science of F.Sc. from sir Zahoor. I came back to Pakistan with my parents and facing very much difficulty in studies here but thanks God I got a good tutor. He helped me in my project at BS level in C++ programing too.

Umais (2018-08-14)

Sir Zahoor is my teacher he taught me at college and home tuition as wel. He is a good teacher and good human being too. My younger brother and sister are also his students.

Sadia Riasat (2016-12-12)

I was student of Sir Zahoor for the subject of Statistics. He taught me at my residence at G-10/3. With his teaching I was able to get good marks in my exam. I am really thankful to him for his great effort. I remember that he takes tests again and again undtil the topic is prepared completely and was the key to sucess.

Humaira (2016-09-22)

It is far past in 1997 when I was taught Statistics of B.Sc. by Sir Zahoor. At that time I was living with my parents in F-8. He is such a good teacher. I obtained 172/200 marks in my B.Sc. Statistics. All credit goes to Sir Zahoor.


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