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Adnan Rauf

Computer Lecturer




Following is brief introduction of the teacher

Name: Adnan Rauf
Age: 27 Years
Qualification: BS CS
Experience: 3 Years
Phone: 03335376224, 03455226202
Email: fbeproject@gmail.com
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single



Teaching Subjects

C/C++ - A Level

C/C++ - ICS

Video Lectures

No doubt video lectures are a better way to teach. Soon you will find here video lectures by this teacher for better understanding.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is an alternative to face to face teaching. No doubt if someone is away he/she can get benefit of being taught by a qualified and experienced teacher. Hopefully this teacher will soon be available for online teaching.



Saba Kareem (2019-08-06)

Sir I am facing problem in C++ in my BS(CS) and got failed in this course. Now I like to prepare it before the start of next semester. Can you teach me at my residence in Tench. How much your fee for 3 hours a week.


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